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Jeffrey Keays Associates (JKA) is a Midlands-based consultancy, which draws on extensive experience in both England and Canada. With a strong belief in the sustainability of the built environment, we promote the repair and rehabilitation of historic and vernacular buildings. Wherever appropriate, contemporary design and planning are integrated into existing context to enrich the whole.  Our experience spans housing, residential and public space design in addition to historic buildings work for churches, small museums and private buildings. This is complemented by familiarity with conservation area and listed building practice resulting in a high level of successful planning applications. Consultancy is provided to private clients, non-profit groups and local authority conservation departments.


Jeffrey holds RICS specialist designation as a Certified Historic Building Professional, qualifying us to complete grant-aided work for English Heritage and similar bodies. JKA is listed on the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Crafts Register, as well as being a fabric advisor to the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, where Jeffrey has sat on the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches. Jeffrey is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Nottingham Trent University, and has been a Year One Unit leader at the Department of Architecture at the University of Nottingham,.




Alterations and New Design
Historic Building Repair

 Historic buildings perform in an entirely different manner than those of modern construction and require specialist knowledge to keep them in sound condition.  JKA have extensive experience of historic and vernacular construction methods and of building pathology and maintenance.  We can determine the cause of problems with your building and provide appropriate, pragmatic and cost effective advice for repairs, including specifications and details as required.

JKA have successfully designed and negotiated numerous alteration projects involving historic buildings, as well as new build projects.  With our knowledge of period design and detail we can provide sensitive and appropriate alterations including interior and joinery items..  Equally, in the right context, we can provide a contemporary intervention to enhance and challenge a historic starting point.  Work can be arranged with a package to suit your needs, from design and planning approvals only, to a full service package from conception to completion.

Condition and Measured Surveys
Conservation Advice and Assessments

With our specialist knowledge, we can provide advice on significance and heritage value, and the need for input from engineers and archaeologists .  Our experience in dealing with authorities and amenity bodies enable us to advise on feasibility of change and alterations. With more extensive research and investigation it is possible to establish the construction history in order to complete a historic building record, and  where required, justification statements for repair and alteration.  

Jeffrey is a Building Conservation Accredited Surveyor (BCAS) with extensive knowledge of construction methods and issues found in historic buildings.  We can help you to understand your property and its problems, with a view to planning repairs in an organised manner.  We provide condition survey reports to churches, private individuals. estate agents and local authorities, and these can be tailored to your requirements.  If you also require a measured survey to document your building for records or to plan work, we are able to provide measured CAD quality drawings.

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