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6-8 Corporation Street, Chesterfield


Targeted under the Chesterfield Heritage Township Initiative Scheme (THI), these late 19th c. commercial buildings were repaired and refurbished to bring them closer to their original incarnation as a furniture and music store. Extensive research was undertaken by JKA to ascertain the original detail and shopfront design, much of which had been covered up or lost with later developments.  Although one bay was entirely lost over the years, the right bay was re-established based on photos and existing remnants.  The exquisite hidden period stonework was cleaned of paint and detail restored where missing with new stonework.  The extensive first floor glazing was recreated to form a bright office space overlooking the rooftops of Chesterfield.

Repairs and Refurbishments

The Old Post Office, Kirkby

Harry Johnson Award for Conservation 2002


This Grade II listed house situated within the Kirkby conservation area, is dated 1738. A good example of a typical hall farm house, later extensions were removed and it was sensitively refurbished  to enable modern living conditions, the main concern being re-instatement of original features. JKA provided specialist details and specifications  for masonry, floor and timberwork repairs as well as replacement of modern windows with new sash to appropriate period design.

Jeffrey Keays Associates specialise in defects analysis and repair to historic buildings.
Heritage Repairs

Historic buildings perform in an entirely different manner to those of modern construction. With an extensive knowledge of architectural history and building forensics, we are able to solve the problems typically encountered in properties of great age.  A large proportion of the work by JKA involves repairs to historic buildings, ranging from roof repairs and repointing, to more specialised conservation works to masonry, plasterwork and joinery.  With specialist accreditation from the RICS as a conservation surveyor, we can carry out grant aided repairs to the high standards required by Historic England and similar bodies.  

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